David Domingo
Digital Adventurer

David Domingo
(photo by Guillermo Barrera in 2008)
Three main life activities:
- Open innovation believer, startup and technology curator, computer engineer and entrepreneur.
- Digital culture and new media art passionate.
- Mountain sportsman.

based in Barcelona/Europe

current affiliations and finished projects

information technologies and communications
[2020-now] ecosystem manager in The Collider (deep tech venture builder)
[2018-2019] head of innovation hub in Mobile World Capital
[2014-2018] knowledge manager in 4YFN (startups business platform)
[2017] event director of HackatH2On 2017 (hackathon)
[2014] content organizer of Instant Banking Hack Day (hackathon)
[2014] freelance innovation consultant in Mobile World Capital Barcelona
[2012-2013] CTO in MyStarAutograph (e-commerce)
[2012] backend developer in Omitsis (software development)
[2010-2011] technical manager of audioemotion (online radio advertising)
[2009-2010] organizer in iWeekend Barcelona (entrepreneurs event)
[2004-2008] lead network engineer in i2CAT (advanced internet foundation)
[2005-2007] my old academic and research webpage
[2006-2007] Ph.D student at Department of Computer Architecture/UPC
[2006-2007] networks manager in Anella Cultural (culture exchange network)
[2006-2007] IPv6 consultant in CBA group/UPC (network research group)
[2004-2007] technical staff of CBA group/UPC (network research group)
[2004] my PFC how-to, a guide for final degree projects in the FIB
[2004] my PFC (final degree project)
[2003-2004] analyst/developer for LCFIB (TIC consulting)
[2002-2003] backend developer for nexica (Internet Service Provider)
[1998-2004] computer science engineer by Barcelona School of Informatics

audiovisual and digital art
[2013-2016] content design and curator of MIRA (digital arts festival)
[2014-2015] freelance curator in vVeid (art + technology agency)
[2013-2015] co-founder and producer in plexiq (interactive technologies)
[2014] vj in Freaky Electronics (av mashup freak show)
[2011-2012] invited editor in broad.cat (audiovisual design platform)
[2010-2011] visual artist of Batut Electronic! (catalan mashup show)
[2009-2011] curator in Art Futura (digital art festival)
[2009] blogger in Ref S/N (art, trends and music blog)
[2007-2008] organizer of D///FEST (digital art festival)
[2006-2007] visual artist and rrpp at xplsv.com (visuals/vj collective)
[2005-2006] professor of Demoscene: art en temps real (university subject)
[2004-2008] project manager at plexiq (digital art platform)
[2003-2005] organizer of 2nd Stage (audiovisual art party)
[2002-2003] contributor in Fiberparty (lanparty)
[2001-2004] contributor in modulez (modscene site)
[2001-2010] activist and editor of escena.org (demoscene site)
[2000-2007] organizer of bcnparty (demoscene festival)
[1999-2007] musician and organizer at fuzzion (demoscene group)
[1999-2002] musician and organizer at Eklipse (modscene group)
[1996-1999] musician at dSK! (demoscene group)
[1995-2010] my demoscene demography (what is demoscene?)

digital music
[2010-2013] curator for Coleccion de Emociones (live music platform)
[2006-2013] co-founder/director of netaudio.es (internet music observatory)
[2010-2012] amateur dj/music selector as dj 5ml (ambient/idm/lounge sets)
[2010-2011] community manager of Reload Music (electronic music platform)
[2010-2011] collaborator in intangible23 (netaudio radio program)
[2009-2011] music journalist in Phlow.es (free music magazine)
[2009] organizer of EXPANDING09 (future music conference)
[2008-2009] jury member and promoter of Reload (music social network)
[2008] organizer of netaudio Barcelona 2008 (netaudio festival)
[2007] organizer of netaudio.es 2007 (first netlabels meeting)
[2007] curator of CoopCorp 2007 Netlabel Stage (music festival)
[2002] musician at microjocs (mobile phone games company)

[1997-now] player of los Vagos CF (football/futsal club)
[2006-2016] founder/sportsman/organizer of NKO (canyoning team)
[2016-2017] European editor in canyon magazine (canyoning mag)
[2010-2011] travel guide in Estiber (ski agency)
[2007-2014] editor/collaborator in Ski Believers (freeski magazine)
[2006-2009] contributor in xski.net (freeski site)
[2007-2009] active member of CE*CIMA (mountain sports club)

[2009-2010] setup and contents of Lechago (small village website)
[2006-2009] member of AEGEE-Barcelona (European student association)
[2005-2007] organizer of the 5 senses parties (intercultural parties)

last update: jul2021